Internships at KCHR

KCHR offers internships to graduate, post-graduate, M.Phil and research students of all disciplinary backgrounds from any part of the world who are interested in undertaking short-term study projects from an interdisciplinary perspective. The internships also offer exposure to KCHR’s diverse projects and programmes. Library assignments and fieldwork are compulsory components of the internships. In special circumstances, teachers and other professionals who want to take a break from their primary occupation for a “studentship” to learn the preliminaries of archaeology or to engage with another aspect of their academic interests may be considered for the internships.


Currently KCHR offers two types of internship programmes:

1. Internship opportunities at the Indian Institute of Archaeology (IndIA), Pattanam, North Paravoor, Ernakulam,Kerala. (Click for more details)

2. Internship opportunities at the KCHR headquarters in Thiruvananthapuram,Kerala. (Click for more details)


1. KCHR Internships are open to applicants of any nationality or disciplinary background.

2. Students enrolled in graduate, post-graduate or research programmes in any recognized university are eligible to apply.

3. The duration of the internship must be a minimum of 3 weeks to a maximum of 3 months.

4. The internship period may be utilized to prepare for dissertations and assignments as well as independent themes.

5. If applicable, the curriculum for the interns will be customized based on the aptitude and potential of each applicant in discussion with the KCHR faculty members.


For the Indian Institute of Archaeology (IndIA) at Pattanam

Minimum fee for an individual intern will be Rs. 1000 per week (US $50/week for international applicants). Fees may vary for groups of interns and others depending on the duration and content of the course or assignment. Full fees must be paid for the entire duration of the internship prior to the commencement of the program. This fee includes the provision of basic shared accommodation in the village at one KCHR’s properties or in a homestay with one of the local Pattanam families. Food and utilities will be chargeable on actuals and must be paid at the end of each week (for short-term internships) or month (for longer-term internships). 

For KCHR Headquarters in Thiruvananthapuram

Individual interns will be required to make one payment of Rs. 2000 (US $100 for international interns) as the overall fee for internships at Thiruvananthapuram. The fee may vary for groups of interns and others depending on the duration and content of the course or assignment. Interns at Thiruvananthapuram will have to arrange for their own accommodation and food.


Applications are accepted throughout the year and decisions are made on a case-by-case basis.


1. Students will be admitted based on their applications sent through proper channels, either by email or by post to the address given below.

2. KCHR will not provide transportation. Interns are liable to pay for expenses on utilities incurred to KCHR, if any, during the course of their internship.

3. If the conduct of an intern is not satisfactory or in any way disreputable, his/her internship will be suspended or terminated immediately without prior notice.

4. In the case of suspension or termination of internship, the intern will not be eligible for a refund of the internship fee. Any other loss incurred by KCHR will also need to be borne by the intern.

5. Regular attendance at KCHR is compulsory and leave will be granted only in exceptional circumstances. The intern is required to sign the attendance register on a regular basis and submit a daily report through email except on holidays.

6. Interns are expected to promote environmentally conscious activities by walking or using bicycles in the village.

7. Apart from active participation in his/her themed area, the Intern is expected to produce a critical reflection on his/her internship experience demonstrating how he/she has addressed his/her specific learning goal(s).

8. Address for communications, including applications:

The Director

Kerala Council for Historical Research

P.B. No. 839 Vylopilly Samskrithi Bhavan

Nalanda, Thiruvananthapuram

Kerala 695003, India

Email :

Ph: +91 - 471 - 2310409/0471-6574988