KCHR- A Recognized Research Centre of Kerala University

Since 2003 KCHR functions as a research centre of the University of Kerala (Order AC E-1 A-2 30367/03). It has Kerala University approved research guides and Research Scholars doing their PhD research work with KCHR as their research centre.

Research Guides

At present KCHR has five Kerala University approved research guides in History. They are Dr P J Cherian, Dr A Jadeeda, Dr S Sivadasan, Dr Sathiaraja and Dr Kavitha Tresa. In Archaeology, KCHR has Dr Preeta Nayar as approved guide and in Education Dr K V Benedict.

Candidates Registered for PhD with KCHR as Research Centre

From 2010 to date 6 candidates registered for PhD with KCHR as research Centre. They are

1. Ms Anu R (under Prof. P J Cherian)

2. Ms Shyma Jacob J R (under Dr Jadeeda)

3. Ms Neena Thomas (Dr K V Benedict)

4. Ms Santhi Jose (under Dr Sivadasan)

5. Ms Thresy Vallikappan (under Prof. P J Cherian) and

6. Ms Marium George (under Prof. P J Cherian).

Among them Ms Anu and Ms Neena Thomas received PhD; Ms Marium George submitted her PhD thesis and Ms Shyama, Ms Thresy Vallikappan and Ms Santhi Jose shifted  to other research centres.