Research Library and Resource Centre

KCHR has a well-stocked library and resource centre with a specialised collection of books on Kerala history and society.


It is the mission of the Kerala Council for Historical Research (KCHR) to provide the learning resources needed to meet the academic and research demands of the institution and publics. The Library is the center for learning materials and it serves as an important research agency by providing bibliographic advice.

The programs and services of the library are geared toward implementing the mission of the KCHR with the specific objectives of meeting the educational needs of the institution and to provide community service.

Objectives of KCHR Library

         * To develop collections of materials that support, enrich and satisfy the research needs of KCHR.

         * To encourage use of the library and its facilities by the general public and academic community.

         * To aid and instruct students, faculty and staff in the use of the library and to provide bibliographic guides to the contents of the collection.

         * To investigate the changing educational and research needs of the community and to provide access to information, programs and services.

         * To provide reference and research services by a variety of means, including printed materials and electronic resources in history and other


Working Hours

The KCHR library is open to the academics and public from:

    10.00 AM to 5.00 PM (Monday to Friday) (except public holidays)

Resource Access              

Restricted to Members.

Membership Details

KCHR offers a variety of library membership to the students of Social sciences and also to the public.

1. Individual membership

Membership is given to students, research scholars and public for using the library especially faculty of social sciences, arts and humanities.

Students membership: - Reference facility for students (UG, PG) will have to provide the respective Institution's identity card and pay a sum of INR. 100/- towards admission fee and remains valid for one year from the date of issuing membership.

Research Scholar membership: - Paying a sum of INR 250/- towards admission fee and their respective institution's identity card, research scholars can avail library facilities for their research purposes. 

Individual membership: - For reference facility each applicant will have to pay a sum of INR. 500/- towards admission fee which would be valid for one year from the date of issuing membership. 

2. Institutional Membership

Application may be made in the prescribed form available with the Library. They are required to produce a letter of introduction from the head of their organization. The head of the institution may authorize a member as his representative to operate the Institutional Membership.Fee details are given below.

3. Guest User

To be eligible to get the guest user membership have to get prior permission from KCHR Director, along with a reference from higher authority of the respective institution

Registration Form

Download and fill up the following form and submit it to the KCHR office.

Library Membership Form


Membership Fee:

Indian Nationals


Individual Membership  

Rs. 500

Student Membership

(Up to PG Only)

Rs. 100

Research Scholar Membership    

Rs. 250

Indian Institutions


Annual Membership

Rs. 2000

Life Membership

Rs. 10000

Foreign Nationals


Annual Membership

US $ 30

Foreign Institutions


Annual Membership

US $ 100

Life Membership

US $ 1000


Donate Rare Books/Family Histories

KCHR attempts to build an archive on Malayali family histories and biographies to enrich its resource centre. We invite you to participate in the venture by donating family histories, autobiographies, souvenirs, books, monographs, granthavareesnalvazheesaadhaarams, or any other relevant documents. We look forward to your voluntary involvement in this effort to facilitate research and preserve Malayali roots.


  • The donor's contributions would remain his/her property. The donors or their heirs can reclaim the contributions on producing the original receipt issued by KCHR. All future research references will acknowledge their generous gesture.
  • KCHR will take necessary steps to scientifically preserve all contributions. If the KCHR publication committee finds the contribution to be outstanding it gains special recognition.

For donating rare books and family histories, contact