KCHR Interventions













Voices of Dissent: An Essay


Professor Romila Thapar 


Youtube Video : https://youtu.be/1VFMs9TECKo








1. Dr. Simona Sawhney

Associate Professor 

Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.


2. Dr. John Thomas

          Assistant Professor        

Department of Humanities & Social Sciences

Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati 






Policing in Liberal Democracies: Legal Violence and Scientific Interrogations in India 


Dr. Jinee Lokaneeta

Professor & Chair

Political Science and International Relations Department

Drew University, Madison, New Jersey 





The COVID-19 Pandemic in India: Data, Stories, and Myths


Youtube Video : https://youtu.be/YVAssVJbHpk



Dr. Murad Banaji


Middlesex University, London





A Pandemic and the Politics of Life


Youtube Video : https://youtu.be/2kXVjo8Xg3o



Professor Ranabir Samaddar

Distinguished Chair in Migration and Forced Migration Studies,

Calcutta Research Group, Kolkata.





Changing Conceptions of Citizenship in India


Youtube Video : https://youtu.be/zAPoa82utFw 


Professor Partha Chatterjee

Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Kolkata

& Columbia University, New York  





Farm Laws, Dissent and Democracy : Some Issues for India’s Democracy and Development Paradigm


Youtube Video : https://youtu.be/BC2kfz_35Sg



Professor Atul Sood 

Centre for the Study of Regional Development, JNU 






Commercialisation of Agriculture : In Theory, History and Contemporary Indian Politics 


Youtube Video : https://youtu.be/FGV2MTibJmw 



Professor Amit Bhaduri 

Visiting Professor,

Centre for Multi- Disciplinary Development Research (CMDR)

Dharwad, Karnataka