School of Epigraphical Studies

Certificate Course in Studies in Old Scripts 


Numerous historical facts of Kerala can be derived from old documents engraved on different materials, but epigraphy remains a matter of expertise. Realizing this gap, KCHR  is conducting a certificate course in the study of old scripts in its School of Epigraphical studies.  Here the student can learn the art of reading, deciphering and interpreting old scripts, especially Brahmi, Tamil Brahmi, Vattezhuthu, and Kolezhuthu, in detail. Therefore the course is of value for the candidate who is keen to undertake a study  of old scripts.

The Honorary Directors of the present certificate course are Prof. M. R. Raghava Varier and Prof. Kesavan Veluthat.  The course coordinator is Ms. Sreelatha Damodaran. The course is being offered by the KCHR’s School of Epigraphical Studies at KCHR Pattanam Campus, near north Paravur, Ernakulam district.

The course is a combination of 40 weeks of theory classes and 12 weeks dedicated to field visits. In addition, a student has 12 weeks in which to study and analyze an epigraph and write a dissertation. The classes are held on weekends, and the instructors are scholars invited from different parts of India who teach different aspects of the course.

The student who seeks admission to the Certificate course must be a graduate from any University, and should have an aptitude for history and language. 12 students, based on a small entrance test that examines Malayalam language proficiency, will be admitted in each batch. 

KCHR Library and Resource Centre at the Pattanam campus is well-equipped to support and facilitate the teaching and learning process involved in this  course.