Academic Affiliation – Registration Details

Types of Academic Affiliations

KCHR offers three types of Academic affiliations (Proposals are mandatory for affiliations)

          1. An affiliation meant for scholars to work independently on KCHR Resource Material.

          2. A research student affiliation meant for Ph.D researchers for consulting KCHR  Resource Material related to their area of research  and 

          3. A student affiliation meant for students to participate in KCHR research projects.      


*Affiliation is granted subject to approval of the KCHR Executive Council.

*Upon the completion of the research, the affiliate must submit a copy of the thesis/report/publication  to the Council.

*The first two research papers published out of KCHR research materials must have the Director of the  project as the first author. Seniority of authorship of the subsequent papers can depend  on the nature and volume of contribution.


Facilities offered to the scholars and the Affiliated Institutions 

1.Access to the KCHR library and research resource centre 

2.Academic Assistance 

3.Lectures and Seminar facilities 



(Per Project)

Fees for Individual Academic Affiliation: $ (US) 100/­. 

Fees for Institution Academic Affiliation: $ (US) 1000/­ plus five percent of the total project outlay as overhead  charges.

Fee is exempted for affiliation related to Pattanam Archaeological Research 

Apply in the prescribed format to the following address  

Academic Affiliation Form (Individuals-other than Pattanam Archaeological Research)

Academic Affiliation Form (Institutions)

Academic Affiliation Form (Pattanam Archaeological Research)



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