Collaborating Institutions

KCHR has research collaborations with some of the best Universities and Research institutes worldwide. This association had helped the organization to maintain an advanced research quality. Given below is the list of collaborating agencies through MoU signed with them or formal research affiliation procedures.

Academic Collaboration: Institutions having MoU/affiliation with KCHR 

      1. Oxford University, UK

      2. British Museum, UK

      3. University of Rome, Italy

      4. University of Pisa, Italy

      5. Camilo Jose Cela University, Spain

      6. The Palace Museum, China

      7. University of Durham, UK

      8. University of Delaware, US A

      9. St. Lawrence University, US A

     10. University of Georgia, US A

     11. Archaeological Survey of India (ASI ), Thrissur Circle

     12. Deccan College of Archaeology, Pune

     13. Spices Board India, Kochi

     14. National Institute for Advanced Studies (NI AS), Bangalore

     15. National Geo-physical Research Institute (NGRI ), Hyderabad

     16. Centre for Cellular & Molecular Biology (CC MB), Trivandrum

     17. MSUniversity, Baroda

     18. Tamil University, Thanjavur

     19. University of Pondicherry, Puducherry

     20. Indus Research Centre, Chennai

     21. Centre for Earth Science Studies (CESS ), Thiruvananthapuram

     22. Institute of Physics (IO P), Bhubaneswar

     23. Kerala Forest Research Institute (KFRI ), Trichur

     24. Indian Institute of Technology (IIT ), Roorkee

     25. The College of Engineering, Thiruvananthapuram

     26. Christ College, Irinjalakkuda

     27. Rajeev Gandhi Institute of Technology, Kottayam

     28. Inspiration, Ernakulam

     29. Union Christian College (UCC ), Alwaye