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Abey Thomas


Research Assistant (DKP)

Contact Info:


Mob: 9582058598

Working in KCHR Since

September 2018

Education Summary

• Doctoral Candidate - Centre for Historical Studies, JNU (2013-18)

• UGC NET for lectureship in History, 2015

• M.Phil in Ancient History - JNU,2013

• Masters in Ancient History- JNU, 2011  

• Bachelor degree in History - University of Madras, 2009

Professional Experience

• Worked as an intern for Kerala Council for Historical Research for an Archiving Local History Project in the year of 2009.

Professional Milestones/Achievements

• Awarded the Junior Research Fellowship by the Indian Council for Historical Researchfor the year 2015-16 on the basis of written test and interview.

• Member, Indian History Congress

• Member, Kerala History Congress

Research Interests

History of Religions | Social History of Sramanic Religions in South India | Psychoanalysis and Religious History | Literature and Religious communities | Material life and Social Formations


Paper presentations

• “Buddhism in Voyages: Exploring the Early Historical Encounters between Tamilakam and South East Asia.” Paper presented in the International Buddhist Conference “Buddhism in India –Japan Relations,” organized by Samutthan Foundation at New Delhi, March 17-18,2017.

• “Re-reading the Narratives of conflicts in the Textual Cultures of Tamil and Malayalam Speaking Regions,” Paper presented at the 77th session of Indian History congress in the year 2016

• Presented a paper titled “Chronicles of Disappearance: Field notes on Buddhist cults in Kerala” in the Annual session of Kerala History Congress in the year of 2015.

• Presented a paper titled “Young Buddha as Analysand: Exploring the Possibility of a Psychoanalytical Study on the Early Life of Buddha” in the 73d session of Indian History congress in the year of 2013.


• "Situating the Historian Romila Thapar: Listening to Many Voices in History,”Journal of Literature and Aesthetics, Vol 15, Numbers 1&2, Special number on Contemporary Indian Intellectuals, January -December 2015, pp. 38-47 ISSN 2278-523X (UGC Journal No: 63876)

• “Re-visiting the Narratives of Violence in the Literary Cultures of Early Tamil Society”, Shanlax International Journal of Arts and Humanities, Vol.5. No.3, January, 2018. ISSN: 2321-788X-