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Panditha Aadaravu 2018 - Hounouring distingushed historians T.K Ravindran, M.G.S Narayanan and K.N Panikkar by the Honourable Governer of Kerala Shri. Justice(Retd.) P. Sathasivam on 12th July 2018

 Panditha Aadaravu 2018 - Seminar on the Academic Contributions of Professors T.K Ravindran, M.G.S Narayanan and K.NPanikkar on 12th July 2018 

'Vayana Pakshacharanam 2018' from 19th June to 7th July in KCHR Library

'Panditha Aadaravu 2018' - Alochanayogam on 8th June 2018

Graduation ceremony of One Year Diploma in Archaeology - Conducted by Indian Institute of Archaeology (IndIA)

* Inside the Forbidden City; Academic Exchange between PM, China & KCHR, India.

*  KCHR Campaign on Ancient Board Games 

Public Lecture by Dr. Tom Licence(University of East Anglia-England) on 'A History of Garbage:The Origins of a Throwaway Society'-7th Nov at Pattanam & 11th Nov at               Thiruvananthapuram

Public lecture by Dr. Irving L. Finkel :“A Great Adventure: The Ark before Noah!” on 25th Sep 2015

Launching of the web portal on 'Digitizing Kerala's Past

Puthupally Raghavan Memorial Annual Public Lecture on16th March 2015 

Histories, cultures, crossings: An Exhibition at NM,New Delhi

International workshop on Architectural features of Ancient Port Cities – 23rd to 27th November, 2015

History walk for School children

Documenting a Day in the Life of a Malayali

Brochure on Dalit, Adivasi, Women Biography writing

History Walk- III for school children

Kodumanal site visit - Pattanam team

Essay Competition 

Colloquium - 'Reflections on the Electoral Mandate 2014' at Senate Chamber, University of Kerala on 11th July 2014, 10 am

International Seminar on Kerala History , March 2006