Staff Profile - Sarathchandra Babu



Sarathchandra Babu


Research Assistant - Pattanam Archaeological Research (On Contract)

Contact Info:


Mob: 9633735664

Working in KCHR Since

February 2010

Education Summary

• Pursuing Ph.D from Tamil University- Thanjavur

• MA History , IGNOU-2014

• B.Ed in Social Science, M G University- 2009  

• M.A Archaeology, Kerala University- 2008  

Professional Milestones/Achievements

• Trench supervisior in Pattanam Archaeological excavations in Pattanam, Ernakulam

Academic Activities

• Participated archaeological explorations in Kerala, site like Vizhinjam (so called Belita?), Nelkynda? (Central Kerala).

• Participated megalithic site documentation. In northern Kerala.

• Visited Sumhram Archaeological site ( Khor Rori ) in Oman on January 2013 to study the Indian pottery unearthed from Sumhuram excavation.

• Presented a paper on 'Reconstruction and Analysis of Pattanam Pottery using Adobe illustrator in the Indian Ocean Trade and Archaeology of Technology' in September 2012

• Presented a paper on 'Terracotta objects from Pattanam excavations with special reference to spindle- whorls, hop scotches, wheels/dishes and lamps.' in the Conference of the International Association for Asian Heritage, SriLanka in April 2011

Research Interests

Iron Age/Early historic archaeological material study| Ceramic Study |Indian Pottery

Research Summary

Thesis Title : Early Historic Coarse Wares from the Ancient Port Town of Pattanam - An Archaeological study

The aim of the research is to understand the method of manufacture, typology, function, organisation of production, and socio-economic aspects of the coarse red ware found at Pattanam. The main intension of this study is to preparing a ceramic typology for the various cultural periods represented at the site (Iron Age, Iron age early historic transition, Early historic, Early historic Early Medieval, Medieval, late medieval and Modern period) and in order to build a ceramic sequence for the historical period in Kerala.

The study also aims at identify regional and sub -regional variations and traditions and technology of the particular group or region. There are many questions can ask while studying this material, like who produced this pottery and source of clay their workshop location and how ceramic production was organised how it was part of the large economy, how it was changed over time, how the people used different type of pots for cooking, storage etc can be answered.


•2015, Dineesh Krishnan & Sarathchandrababu, A preliminary catalogue on Indian and non Indian pottery from trench PT 15 LXI, Pattanam Excavations Interim report of the ninth season 2015

•2014, Sarath Chandra babu, A Preliminary report on the Indian wares at Khor –Rori (Sumhuram) Oman: Pattanam Excavations Interim report of the eight season 2014, (KCHR Trivandrum).

•2014, P.J. Cherian, Wendy Morrison, Dineesh Krishnan & Sarathchandrababu, Stratigraphic context and associated finds of the samples, Pattanam excavations Interim report of the eight season - 2014, (KCHR, Trivandrum).

•2014, Dineesh Krishnan & Sarathchandrababu, Preliminary catalogue on Indian pottery, Pattanam excavations Interim report of the eight season - 2014, (KCHR, Trivandrum).

•2013, Dineesh Krishnan, Sarathchandrababu & Jassera Majeed, Preliminary Catalogue on Local Pottery, Pattanam excavations: Interim report, 2013, (KCHR, Trivandrum).