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William Logan’s Malabar Manual - Vol.1 & Vol.2

William Logan

P.J. Cherian


Kerala Gazetteers Department



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William Logan’s Malabar Manual in Two Volumes Vol. 1 is the first of two volumes that contain facsimile copies of the 1951 edition of the Malabar Manual (1887). William Logan’s work chronicles the history and culture of Malabar, compiling indispensible ethnographical and geographical information. Malabar society is explored in eight chapters which deal conclusively with the district, its people and the land. The present reprint contains four critical studies about the original text by Sri. K.K.N. Kurup, Sri. Kesavan Veuthat, Sri. P.N. Unnikrishnan and Sri. Ravindran Gopinath. 

Year of Reprint - 2000