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Travancore State Manual - Vol.3 (Xerox)

V. Nagam Aiya

P.J. Cherian


Kerala Gazetteers Department



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V. Nagam Aiya’s Travancore State Manual Vol.1 encompasses Travancore culture and history into twenty-one chapters in three volumes. The third volume deals with Agriculture, Economic Condition, Trade and Commerce, Means of Communication, Arts and Industries, Land Tenures and Land Taxes, Administration, Legislation and Statute-Book, and the Gazetteer. Under these headings, various aspects such as distinctive features and methods of farming, impact of economic situation, state of trade and commerce in the state, the development of means of communication like roads and railways, the condition of arts and industries, explication of land tenures and taxes, and systems of administration, legislation and statutes are mentioned. The final chapter titled “Gazetteer” give an alphabetical list of important divisions, taluqs, towns and villages.

Year of Reprint - 1999