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Travancore State Manual - Vol.2 (Xerox)

V. Nagam Aiya

P.J. Cherian


Kerala Gazetteers Department



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V. Nagam Aiya’s Travancore State Manual Vol.1 encompasses Travancore culture and history into twenty-one chapters in three volumes. The second volume deals with Census and Population, Religion, Caste, Malayalam Language and Literature, Education and Public Health. Under these headings, areas such as general population, history of religions in the state, evolution of caste in the society of Travancore, the growth of Malayalam language and literature, systems of education and the advancement of public health are studied. The section on religion has an article contributed by G.T. Mackenzie, I.C.S, titled “History of Christianity in Travancore.” 

Year of Reprint - 1999