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A Collection of Treaties, Engagements and other Papers of Importance Relating to British Affairs in Malabar (Malabar Manual -Vol. III)

William Logan

S. Hemachandran


Kerala Gazetteers Department



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This volume contains 404 documents on the various treaties entered into between the British East India Company and different native rulers like the King of Travancore, Rani of Attingal, King of Cochin, King of Calicut and the King of Kolathiri to name a few. The work is an essential aid for researchers and students in understanding British policies in Kerala and the nature of the Indo-British administrative system. As an additional resource, the editorial notes of William Logan which explain and detail several agreements and personalities are included here. An extensive glossary of the archaic words used in erstwhile Malabar is also given.

Year of Reprint - 1998