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Malabar Gazetteer - Vol 1 and 2

C.A. Innes, I.C.S

F.B. Evans, I.C.S (1908), S. Hemachandran (1997)


Kerala Gazetteers Department



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The Malabar District Gazetteer was originally written by Sir Charles Alexander Innes during the period from 1904-5. However he was unable to complete the work which led to subsequently compilation and additions by A.R.C Tottenham (the details of the higher caster in Chapter III) and C.W.E Cotton (Chapter on Laccadive Islands). It fell to F.B Evans to edit and publish the whole work in 1908. This gazetteer gives a comprehensive overview of Malabar, delving into its Physical description, political history, people, means of communication, education, public health, justice, revenues and so on. Importantly this work represents a shift in the historical writings of Malabar from manuals and legendary historical accounts to source-oriented study of the people. 

Year of Reprint - 1997