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The Travancore State Manual- Vol.4- Administration

T.K. Velu Pillai



Government of Kerala, Kerala Gazetteers Department



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The Travancore State Manual Vol.4 compiled by Sri. T.K Velu Pillai is a record of general administration in erstwhile Travancore. It traces the origin, growth, development and activities of all major departments in the historical context of the region. Copies of important regulations, agreements and documents are included in the volume. A detailed exposition of the impact of social legislations like the Nayar Act, the Ezhava Act, the Nanjanad-Vellala Act, the Kshatriya Act and the Malayala Brahmin Act are provided, as are particulars of prevalent ceremonies of Travancore. The original volume was compiled by Sri. V. Nagam Aiya in 1906.

Year of Reprint - 1996