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Memoir of the survey of Travancore and Cochin states - Vol 1

Lt. Benjamin Swain Ward and Lt. Peter Eyre Conner

S. Raimon


Government of Kerala, Kerala Gazetteers Department



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Memoir of the Survey of Travancore and Cochin States Vol. 1 serves the purpose of a gazetteer, a census document and a socio-economic survey, enriching the topographical and geographical knowledge of the erstwhile Travancore and Cochin regions in the nineteenth century. The survey covers a period from a period from July 1816 to the end of the year 1820, explicating various aspects of Kerala’s society such as history, climatic patterns, class and caste systems, religious establishments, administration and revenue system. This work has been reprinted with brief biographical sketches of the authors. 

Year of Reprint - 1994