Muziris Children's Museum

Museum is currently not open to public.


KCHR aims to sensitise the younger generation on the possibilities of cultural refinement by offering them exciting journeys in an archaeology site. We hope to encourage their curiosity and scientific temper to reach out for human cultural roots. The plethora of artifacts excavated from Pattanam provides a great opportunity for this intellectual journey. The Childrens’s museum therefore is conceived as a learning and thinking space; not only for kids but also others interested in such voyages.

The museum exhibits artefacts and features from five cultural periods revealed through Pattanam excavations - Iron Age, Iron Age-Early Historic Transition, Early Historic, Medieval, and Modern. The early historic period (3rd c BCE - 5th c CE) was the peak phase of Pattanam in terms of its trade, cultural and technological exchanges with different regions in the Indian Ocean as well as in the Red Sea and Mediterranean littoral. This period was probably the first urban phase in the history of the region today called as Kerala and then Chera kingdom.

The museum has a creative corner for children to engage in their own ways with artefacts, play traditional board games and engage with activity sheets designed by the Pattanam Team.

Prior booking is necessary to visit the museum. The optimum size of visiting team is 15 members.


Mob: 9562848577, 9995813775